Day 1: Sunday, May 22, 2022
Flintsbach to Sterzing
150 km, 1.470 m of climbing

The first riding day of the tour will take us to Italy on the easiest possible way:

We will head upstream the Inn river to Kufstein, where the river breaks through the most northern range of the Alps. The route follows the river along the scenic Inn valley with mountains reaching high up on both sides. The route bypasses Innsbruck, heading off towards the foothills of the mountains to the south.

I recommend to take a break there, before the big climb begins.

Via side roads the route takes a steady uphill until we eventually reach the Brenner Federal Road. I will have traffic, though local authorities have regulations in place to prevent drivers from bypassing the much heavier traffic on the Brenner Autobahn by using this road. It won’t be quiet on a Sunday, but likely not as bad as it could be without these regulations.

Sterzing is a pretty little medieval town of about 7.000 inhabitants. Our campground is beyond town in another community so be sure to make a stop there to check out Sterzing before you head out to the camping.
Our place for the night is not far, so you could also return for dinner later.

Camping Gilfenklamm
Jaufenstraße, 2B
39040 Casateia BZ


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