Day 10: Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Rome - Baschi
157 km, 997 m of climbing

From now on, the tour is heading north. We will explore the western side of the Italian penninsula with its beautiful landscape and richt heritage.

The track for the day seeks to avoid Rome (the opther option I had looked into was to cross Rome by the river trail, but would have had plenty of suburban traffic) and takes some smaller roads across the country. First we will need to pass Rome’s international airport and quite some urban sprawl before the landscape opens up. Road surface will vary; the ride can be quite rough at times, but should generally be ok for us.
I have routed us along Lago di Bracciano, just in case riders want to take a dip. The road runs some meters above the water so you will need to climb down. In any case, the area is nice and the road is good.

About halfway into the ride we will pass through the little town of Fabrica di Roma, which has a couple of simple restaurants. I suggest that we meet up for lunch there.
More small (and at times rough) country roads will follow after lunch through some rolling terrain with some more climbing later on as we approach the Tiber river valley. The route follows the river upstream to Lago di Corbara, a reservoir filled by water from the mountains gathered further up the river. That is where we will camp for the night.
The campground is out in the country, so better get food before you go there or stop by a restaurant on the way.

Village Camp Joy
SS448, km 8, 05023, Baschi TR, Italy
+39 351 985 2520

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