Day 13: Friday, June 3, 2022
San Giuliano Terme - Pisa - La Spezia - Cinque Terre - Levanto
137 km, 1442 m of climbing

This is one of the days I have changed after the original second planning run. Some riders have suggested to stay in Levanto in order to split the two climbing sections into two days. Actually, that is a good idea. So, I played with the options, and found the best way would be to just skip the night in Sardana and add the Cinque Terre high road to day 13, which will still make it a fairly easy day in terms of overall distance but with some significant but scenic climbing over the final 50 km.

Others have suggested that those not wanting to ride that road could take the valley alternative. That is possible in principle, but getting to Levanto from east of the Cinque Terre mountains will involve quite some climbing, too.

Here’s the plan:
The first 95 km will be flat, could be busy (as we ride along the waterfront), but would also offer a dip into the sea, then we will conquer Cinque Terre and rest in Levanto.

About 17 km into the ride the tour will reach downtown Pisa, always worth a stop and should a good place for breakfast. Those in doubt about the day may want to skip Pisa and take an alternate route (see small map), which will shelve 10 km from the day’s distance. The route then continues to Viareggio, about 43 km into the ride and located right on the coast. We will stay on the coast for another 30 km, before the route leaves the waterfront to take a somewhat hilly 25 km approach to La Spezia.

At La Spezia I suggest to find a nice spot to eat and refuel, and take a rest in the shade, because afterwards the other dimension of the day begins. Over 6 km we will climbing from sea level to 330 m, then drop down over some rollers to 150 m over 8 km, and climb nearly 400 m over 5 km again. Next are 9 km with plenty of shorter ups and downs with a general trend uphill before the screaming 10 km descend over 550 m back down to sea level will be testing the breaks on our velomobiles. Very exciting, see the afternoon route on the small map below.

To complete the picture, here is the elevation profile for the day:

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