Day 14: Saturday, June 4, 2022
Rest Day at Levanto
10 km

Two weeks on the road, this is the second rest day of the tour. Compared to the original rest day destination, Borgo Val di Taro, Levanto (picture courtesy of Pjt56, CC BY-SA 4.0) has certainly more to offer, so I chaged plans and put the rest day here.

Levanto is a beautiful and lively town of abouzt 6500 inhabitants with plenty of shops and restaurants. It also offers a nice and long beach, so there is plenty to do on foot.

I suggest to take a little ride to Fremura, to villages up the coast, using the scenic bike trail built on the old railroad of Cinque Terre. It is about 6 km long one way, see map above, and the only climbing you have to do is to get to the old center of Fremura (if you want to go up 90 m to there). The trail is very well done, runs along some rugged coast line and through tunnels (see two photos below I took from a family’s travelog). Otherwise, the plan for the day is just to take it easy — there will be more climbing to come the next day.


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