Day 16: Monday, June 6, 2022
Salsomaggiore Terme to Pavia (Po river day)
156 km, 124 m of climbing

While we are there I suggest that we spend a day in the Po river valley. Often said to be boring or too hot or plagued with mosquitos, my reading suggests otherwise. It is a unique landscape, and the mosquito issue is occasional rather than permanent. Indeed, there isn’t much shade, but there plenty of nice cities and pittoresque villages to rest in the shade.
The official route leaves out Parma (see the routing options below if you want to add that — it will also add some more km on smaller roads near the river), but it has Cremona and Piacenza, two old and impressive cities worth visiting. This may well be the day on our tour where we will see most „normal“ people on bicycles. #The same applies to Pavia, the destination for the day. The Campground is just 3 km away from the city center, so easy to return to downtown for the evening.

In any case, whichever of the three routes you will take today, climbing will be marginal — one might even call it a „rolling rest day“ in light what we have done since leaving Rome and what will be ahead until the weekend.

Routing alternatives:
There are two different options to modify the day. The first is to visit Parma for breakfast and then head north to Casalmaggiore, where you take the side road to San Daniele Po to rejhoin the track. This will add about 50 flat km to the day.
The other option I suggest is for those who’d like to cut the day short, whatever the reason may be. If you would like to do this, turn left at Fidenza and get on to SS9. This will take straight to Piacenza where you would join the standard route — cutting about 40 flat km from the day’s distance.

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