Day 17: Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Pavia to Lake Como (Abbadia Lariana or Dervio)
117 km & 364 m, or 141 km & 675 m of climbing

This is the only day with two destination options — depending on availability when making the campground reservations.
As the tour route has developed, the way up to Lake Como will be fairly short and easy day, so we might as well ride further up the lake — saves 20 plus km on the next day and also some of the up and down in traffic on the lakefront road. The map on top has the route to Abbadia Lariana.

Otherwise the day is straightforward: Heading north while trying to avoid major roads and the Milan centered traffic. The track is a mix of secondary roads and small roads between villages, sometimes taking a minor detour to stay out of the major but more direct routes. It is a general uphill as we are leaving the Po river valley. About 70 km into the ride at Trezzo sull Adda riders may want to take a lunch break as it is half way the longer distance. The other option would be to lunch at Villa d’Adda at the 84 km mark — that is after you have reached the high point for the day.


Camping Spiaggia
Via Privata Campeggio, 5, 23821 Abbadia Lariana
Tel: +39 0341 731621


TuriSport Camping
5 Via Lungolago Degli Ulivi, Dervio, LC 23824
Tel: +39 0341 850460

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