Day 18: Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Abbadia Lariana (or Dervio) to Silvaplana
108 km & 2179 m (or 84 km & 1862 m of climbing)

The day is simple: We leave camp, ride up the lake and then turn left onto SS36 to ride up into the Swiss Alps. Once up the mountain we enjoy the scenery for about 10 km, turn off to the campground in Silvaplana, and we’re done.

Leaving from Abbadia Lariana we need to follow the main road with its occasional climbs — not more than 50 m of elevation gain, mostly less. The more serious climbing begins after the turn-off on SS36, and noticeably when leaving Gordona about 60 km into the ride. We can take it easy as the day is short; there’s just this one 1550 hm long climb up into the mountains, with a maximum incline of 12% and a number of hard switchbacks on the upper end. At about 680 m the route crosses the border to Switzerland, with still over 1100 hm to go — time for a break.

The graph shows what it will be like, the little map has the most demanding part of the climb towards the end (click on it to see a larger version).

It will be tough and may involve some pushing, but the views are spectacular. You won’t regret to have climbed that pass (and neither that you didn’t go the other way as it would surely be a majoer challenge to the brakes).

Once up the panorama changes as we enter a high plateau with rollers dominated by two mountain lakes. Riding past the first one the route soon reaches the village of Silvaplana. The campground is to the right at the very beginning of town, facing the lake. Enjoy.

Camping Silvaplana
7513 Silvaplana
Tel: 081 828 84 92 

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