Day 19: Thursday, June 9, 2022
Silvaplana to Ried im Oberinntal
112 km, 621 m of climbing

Surprisingly, this day somehow accumulates almost 700 m of climbing, though the overall pattern will be downhill. We will drop nearly 1000 m over the course of the day. The route is as simple as the day before, there basically is just the one main road — for a good part of the way there is a side road running to the left of the main way, in case you would want to use a less busy alternative. The only  navigation mistake you could make is to take the turn off to Nauders at Martina, about 84 km into the ride; Nauders is Austria and on the Reschen-route, but we will be heading straight on to Pfunds.

At about 110 km in length, there really isn’t much need for a designated lunch place. You may be arriving at Ried before you even begin about thinking of lunch. Those leaving early can easily have lunch at the destination, those leaving late will find suitable restaurants or stores in the villages along the way. The area lives of tourism, so there will be plenty to choose from.

Ried is a pleasant little town in the Inn valley. Shouldyou lust for some climbing you could ride up the 12 or so switchbacks to Fiss, on a beautiful plateau overlooking that part of the valley, where I occasionally spend a hiking vacation. It is 7.7 km and 566 m of climbing on the direct route, or 9.5 km and 562 m of climbing via Ladis. People would certainly be amazed to see a velomobile up there …

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