Day 21: Saturday, June 11, 2022
Mittenwald to Rosenheim
128 km, 642 m of climbing

The final day of the tour itself will be short but very scenic. Leaving Mittenwald we turn right to follow the Isar river towards the Sylvenstein reservoir lake, nicely located in front of the mountains.  Instead of following the Isar river downstream as it leaves the reservoir towards Lenggries, the route is turning East for a few more kilometers in scenic mountain land, involving some 200 m of climbing bevor the road gently turns downhill along a narrow valley.


Another turn in the road takes the tour north, passing Kreuth on the way to Rottach-Egern on Tegernsee, one of the many super-affluent places on the slopes of the Alps. We will ride along Tegernsee, could stop for a beer at the nice beer garden by Tegernsee castle (a former monastery) in the town called Tegernsee, and follow the lake front road almost up to Gmund.

The route climbs out of the Tegernsee valley and heads towards Miesbach over some rolling terrain. Beyond Miesbach we will take a swing around the foothills, riding East through some beautiful Bavarian farmland towards the Inn valley and our destination.

I will try for an arrival ceremony at the city of Rosenheim, after which we will leave to head back to the campground for the evening festivities, departures, or a last night out camping. Details to follow.

© Josef Janning 2021