Day 3: Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Assenza to Stellata (near Ferrara)
130 km, 186 m of climbing

The initial plan was to head further south to Modena, but the only camping I could find near the city was located between two highways, and said to be noisy. Therefore I had to pursue another option, which is what you see here. We will be camping by the river Po near a small village, and the ride will just be 130 km — essentially a morning ride.

So you could either stay longer in Verona, about 50 km into the ride (which would also be a place for breakfast if you didn’t have any by the lake. Or you could take a little detour and visit Ferrara (which is just 25 km longer, so adding 50 km to the day). Or, you could just take it easy and go swimming.

The next day will take us back to the original course via Bologna.

Fireflies int he Fog Camping Village
Via Argine Po, 35a
Stellata (FERRARA)
Telefono: 0532.885442

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