Day 4: Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Stellata via Bologna to Ravenna
155 km, 68 m of climbing

On the fourth riding day the tour will reach the Adriatic coast, with its millions of summer tourists flooding the beaches. It is a ‚must-see‘ for Italy in the summer, and so we will see it today and on the following days.

But, before heading east the track takes us south across the plains of northern Italy to Bologna, the city world famous for its food and age old university. It is worth a visit at around 63 km into the ride (actually, it is also the high point of the day in terms of elevation).

Aerial cityscape view from the tower on Bologna old town center with Maggiore square in Italy

Take a break in Bologna and navigate the narrow streets of the old town, take in the atmosphere over a coffee, wine or an early lunch. You may want to also stop in Ravenna — the track takes you through the heart of town, like so many Italian cities it is pretty, pretty old and interesting. The campground will be by the sea.

Marina Camping Village
Viale dei Campeggi, 8,
48122 Punta Marina RA, Italy

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