Day 9: Monday, May 30, 2022
Rome rest day
about 80 km (when touring the city)

This is the urban/suburban rest day of the tour. For those who would not want to take their velomobile to the city there will be public transportation available should you want to visit Rome (which really is worth visiting if you have not been there). For those who wouldlike to ride there I have prepared a track whichc takes into the heart of Trastevere, and then on to the other riverside close to Piazza Navona. You will be riding the river cycle path for a bit, which actually is a good way to cross the entire city — the difficulty is to get back up to to the city level other than via stairs. I have found one of those spots where you can ride up.

Those who would like to stay, could spend the day on the beach, tour the protected area, which seems to be some kind of a park that should be accessible to non-motorized traffic, visit Ostia, or just recover from the previous days in the mountains. On the park see more info here.

Accommodation: the same as the day before

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