Riders on the tour are expected to take part in the entire ride, i.e. to complete the tour from start to finish. Exceptions may be granted to riders living along the route under the assumption that they will cycle home along the route after the finish.

Registration is open until March 26, 2021!

All participants in Ancora un giro, riders and supporters, need to be registered in advance and before March 26, 2021. After that date, no further applications will be considered, because arrangements for the group will have to be made and paid in advance.

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(picture courtesy of A. Asteroth)

Registration is by Email only.
Please read this and provide all information with your email application.

Applications have to be confirmed in writing to become effective. Riders wishing to participate need to provide their full name, year of birth, place of residence, type of velomobile they plan to use on the tour, a picture (of themselves, preferably with VM) and a short text of about 10 lines explaining their background in velomobiling as well as previous touring experience. 

If you wish to join the ride, email me your application, describing your motivation and experience, including the information requested above. I will evaluate the information. If I conclude you will be able to master the ride, I will send you a provisional confirmation and the registration form, and ask you to transfer the organization fee. Once the fee has come in, your application can be completed and you will receive a note formally confirming your participation in the tour.

For more on requirements of participation and addtional information please consult the FAQs before submitting the registration email.

Applications will be considered by the Tour Captain on the basis of previous experience (ROAM, GBSR, and 3w4f riders will be preferred), their chance to complete the entire ride, and date of submission.

There will be a waiting list for riders not considered among the first 24 participants. Please note that I may accept more than 24 riders, depending on the composition of the group.

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