Riders' List

Riders listed here have completed the registration process and their participation in the tour is formally confirmed.
Entries are in alphabetical order, as of Jan 30, 2020

Frank Duffe

*1964, Damme, Germany

Except in snow, I use my DFxl every day to commute to work, which is 38 km each way, for more than three years now. Before I got the DF, I commuted riding a Carbon Quest for four years.
Long distances I am used to, having done Hamburg - Berlin aq couple of times, which meant around 1.000 km for me including the ride from and to home. Since I first got a velomobile I have participated in the tours the late Robert Frischemeier organized. These have been great rides. Robert and I had many plans for future tours, but then he passed away. Now, I need to look for others velomobile riders to join, and that has brought me here. Two years ago, I crossed the Alps by velomobile, riding from my home in Damme to Lago di Garda (when the picture was taken) and back.

Hajo Eckstein

*1964, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
a yellow one

Italy in summer with a velomobile is surely not my favorite dream. But with the guidance of our tour captain Jupp and an expected group of enthusiastic riders I see a real chance of an exciting great tour. Knowing Jupp means "Wer nicht dabei sein wird, wird etwas verpasst haben!" And may be we shall seek for shadow within big pot holes between furious Italian drivers.
Riding velomobiles for ten years now I have shifted most of my longer tours to the north and excluded the Alps. This is another motivation for me to participate and ride with you this giro.

Jockel Hofmann

*1967, Frankfurt, Germany

Infected with recumbents in my teenage years by one single afternoon in a backyard in Offenbach, it took an incubation period of about 25 years, until I finally had a commuting distance of 20km allowing the acquisition of my first own, used stick-bike when I was 40. Since then, the collection of different bikes continues to grow: a „Street Machine“, when my stick broke down, a „Lyra“ for my wife, a „Nomad Sport“ with „Nose“, when commuting in rain became too annoying. I bought my first velomobile in 2017, a very special „Carbon Quest“, on account of the fact, that my employer kept moving, increasing my travel distance to and from work up to 77km per day. Currently I mostly ride my Alpha7 from April 2020.
I always enjoyed travelling with bikes, a passion I happily share with my wife. In 1993 we were about the first people carrying a baby in a kid‘s trailer through an astonished audience. We performed some tours with our kids, and since 6 years travel to our most loved vacation place on Texel annually. Since the beginning of my recumbent career I collected 100.000 km on bikes, with the maximum of 21.500 km in 2019. „A day‘s biking distance“ now includes places like Munich, Zürich and Bremen, and I didn‘t miss out going to work with my bike for a single working day since more than 4 years. So it is more than logical and extremely anticipated to join the group of lunatic like-minded to the place, where I can try to rewake the rudimental left overs of the Italian I once learned.

Josef Janning

*1956, Bonn, Germany

A bike commuter for years I almost inescapably ended up with velomobiles, as my commute was longer and my practice was to ride year round. For the past few years, however, my commutes have either become way too long to be riding or short enough to be easily done on any bike. Instead of the regular 30-60 km commutes I now find the kicks in touring, some longer day rides on weekends, the occasional 3-day-tour, and the rare long haul. Riding alone is fine with me, but a pack of velomobiles on tour is a sight and experience that’s hard to beat. I’ve done a few of those tours, and I initiated and organized the "Roll over America” Tour in 2011, "The Great Baltic Sea Ride" in 2014, and „3Wheels4France“ in 2017. Life just ain’t them same anymore after such epic adventures. Thus, another three years later it was time to for another grand tour  until the Corona pandemic stepped into the way and I had to cancel the tour for 2020. I can still hear the roads calling me and fellow velonauts loud and clear. Therefore, I am excited to get back out innthe spring of 2021!

Christoph Moder

*1978, Ebersberg, Germany

I’ve been a keen cyclist for most of my life, and bicycles have been my primary means of transport. I was not much interested in competitions; my bikes had to be reasonably fast, but also suitable for everyday use – thus, as a technophile, I soon became interested in innovative concepts such as folding bikes and recumbent bikes and came into contact with the associated communities. So I bought my first recumbent bike in 2001 and later became fascinated by long distances, which led to participating in Paris–Brest–Paris 2007 and 2011. And I do enjoy that the combination of faster and more efficient bikes and more experience slowly changes the perspective, that distances that once seemed hard have become normal, and distances that were once a short day trip can now be covered every day in every weather. Riding a velomobile since 2013 has certainly contributed to that, and by riding every day I can be an inspiration for others – people are much less dependent on cars than they can imagine.
And after participating in the last velomobile tour 3Wheels4France 2017, I look forward to the next big velomobile tour, which starts this time close to my home town.

Dieter Schmidt

*1952, Hamburg, Germany

In 2013 I bought a velomobile and have been on tours with it since then. It is always a pleasure to be on tour with a group of velomobile riders, I always enjoy it very much. I took part in the EuroTour 2013, GBSR2014, 3wheels4france and Flüsse und Meer.
2019 brought me back to the Baltic States at midsummer night, this time alone.
I haven't been to Italy in a long time, it's time to be there again. Thus, I am looking forward to meeting many riders from previous tours and am sure that Ancora un Giro will bring us a very good time.

Wolfgang Schröppel

*1970, Steinhof, Switzerland
Milan SL

I’ve been commuting by bike as long as I can think, say, primary school and ever since. A randonneur travelling bike soon brought me from home beyond  the Atlas and from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. I got addicted by the vast solitude and had to return several times to cycle the high Andes of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile with my wife I’ve met, guess what, on the road.  I only became more moderate once a kids trailer was attached to a Grasshopper and later commanded a Pino during every summer holiday. We learned to love France for its easy and pleasant cycling. Quite late I realized that you can ride those fully faired rockets every day on the roads. In 2013 a Milan SL became mine, in 2019 another one. I had the pleasure to participate in 3w4f and got addicted. Again I don’t want to miss the opportunity to ride with other enthusiasts and enjoy the flow of long distance velomobiling.

Hansi Stüben

*1963, Niederkassel, Germany
Quest #666

I live with my family between Bonn and Cologne, about 100 m away from the river Rhine. Since 2001 I am riding recumbent bikes (HP-Velotechnik Streetmachine and Speedmachine) since 2001. Now riding my orange Carbon-Quest , number 666, since May 2013.
Over the last years I did a lot of bike tours with my kids, my son rides my old streetmachine, with friend or by my own, sometimes more then 300 km a day. I rode the Eurotour 2013 with many Velomobiles from Germany to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and back to Germany, a ride of about 2000 km. The Great Baltic Sea Ride (GBSR) 2014 was my longest tour and I enjoyed every day and every mile.
In the last two years there wasn't much time for riding, but now I am looking forward to Italy.

Christian Winkgen

*1973, Solingen, Germany

Tall fellow, progressed from riding odd bikes like Brompton, Moulton and my MBB Python to a Velomobile in late 2019. Just fit into my DF XL without much margin. Enjoy speed, range and the fellowship of Velomobile riders in general. Have been in Italy with my Smart car recently but expect this ride being far more intense than that. This will be my longest tour so far.

© Josef Janning 2019