To the Land Where Lemons Grow ...

After the turmoil of 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, this coming summer of 2021 it is time for another velomobile tour. As planned for 2020, we will be heading south this time, beginning out of Rosenheim, facing the beautiful panorama of the Alps. Via Brenner Pass day one takes us across the mountain range to Italy, where the adventure begins.

Unlike the original plan for 2020, we will not ride in the middle of summer and high season, but start in late May 2021, riding into June. Temperatures should be more moderate (but could be rather chilly up in the Alps), there should be more room on campgrounds, and the days are long already.
So, we will ride down the east coast of Italy towards Pescara, cross the Abruzzi Mountains where they are high and wild; travel to the west coast, visit Rome and have time for Tuscany and the cliffs of Cinque Terre, before crossing the Apennin range again to ride up to Lake Como. From there the route heads north towards the Swiss Alps, and we will cross via Maloja Pass. Across some very scenic mountain roads we’ll reach the Inn valley and leave Austria for Bavaria, returning to Rosenheim.

That’s it.
Three weeks, about 3.000 km, one great ride; see here the visual of the tour, created by C Michael Lewis of Portland, Maine, U.S.A. 

The tour will be organised the same way as the previous velomobile group rides: a private ride, all riders following the same schedule, with each rider assuming full responsibility for his or her own actions. We will be camping as we normally do, and we will have a support van to help us out in emergencies and break-downs.

The tour dates are: May 23 - June 12, 2021.
Participation in the tour will be limited to 24 riders (plus captain). Registration is open, see page Sign up. All applications will be reviewed and need to be confirmed by the Tour Captain. Riders who have successfully completed the Roll over America Tour, the Great Baltic Sea Ride, or 3Wheels4France will have priority registration for Ancora un Giro.

All advance information on the 2021 ride will be here. For a discussion of the plan and the preparations visit the German and browse this thread. On this website, pages on registration, participants, the route, the schedule, and more will be expanded and completed as planning proceeds.To register read the FAQ and go to the page Sign-up; to view the list of riders see the Riders page; to see the time table, daily destinations and route descriptions, go to the page Schedule for more information.

Josef Janning
Tour Captain


(picture modification courtesy of Per Cronholm)

© Josef Janning 2019